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Varun Dhavan Expected To Be Sukumars Bollywood Hero

According to the latest buzz, Sukumar might be making his Bollywood debut very soon and the project might be produced by the big production house, Zee Productions. Bollywood young and one of the most happening heroes, Varun Dhawan is likely to be Sukumar’s Bollywood hero. As of now, it is just a buzz and nothing is official, yet. We know that Sukumar has the potential to impress Bollywood and the audiences across the country. Some of his Telugu movies clearly state that he is one of those filmmakers who think ahead of the present times. Coming to Varun Dhawan, the young hero is on a roll doing regular commercial entertainers and in between trying movies that showcased his performance talents like in ‘October’ and ‘Badlapur’. Sukumar and Varun Dhawan will be a great combination and hence, hoping big time that there would be an official confirmation about their combination.





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