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Varun Asking For Mass Subjects

Varun Tej, son of Mega Brother Naga Babu and nephew of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, right from the start impressed one and all by choosing different genre entertainers irrespective of the result of his films. He made decent debut with Mukunda and later stole the hearts of all with his performance in Kanche, which won the best film award at the national level.

Varun’s quest for success at the box office finally turned into a reality with the success of his previous filmsa  Fidaa and Tholi Prema which both are feel good romantic entertainers. He is now starring in a space thriller Anthariksham under the direction of Sankalp Reddy of Ghazi fame.

In the midst of all this, it is coming out that Varun Tej who endeared himself to all as Mega Prince is insisting on everyone who comes to him, to ready an out and out high voltage mass action entertainer. 

Buzz is elders from the mega family enlightened him the importance of reaching out to masses with a commercial entertainer.  They told him that though it is good to do class films, it is not right to completely alienate masses. 

So Varun Tej too decided to conquer the mass fortress and now asked all the directors and writers who came to him to come up with a mass story suited for him. He also told them that the story should be in the lines of Pokiri




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