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Varmas Virus Announced

Ram Gopal Varma has had a lot of bad films since last decade. But everybody thinks that Varma is releasing one of the films and every time he has a bad result. Discussion is the one who will give you another opportunity to believe in Varma. But in a few days Varma is going to annoy another film. It's a matter of many years. 

However, it is difficult for Varma to get another film in the backdrop of the 'Officer' Theater Maintenance spending with the star hero Nagarjuna. But Varma is now even producing a producer and  film was taken.

Varma announced today that his new movie will be titled 'Virus'. This story is going on in the face of Ebola virus that strangled India a few years ago. Parag Sangh, who recently made films with 'Mumbai' and 'Sarkar' with Varma, will be producing this film. Varma also announced that it will be screened in Hindi. Varma also showed how he had always been doing when his films were announcing. My note on this movie is a detailed description of the producer note. 

But Varma has been watching for many years without dialogue. He's going to hear a fantastic movie. But if you look at the film, it will be fuzzy. So how does he explain the 'virus'? Whatever the magic of the film is to see.





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