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Vaani Kapoor Flaunts Bold Unbuttoned Style

Vaani Kapoor Flaunts Bold Unbuttoned Style

Vaani Kapoor stands out as a rare gem in Bollywood, being one of the few actresses with limited film successes yet continuing to receive offers, largely due to her bold and glamorous appearance.

Today, she once again showcased her striking style, donning a yellow bralette paired with shimmering purple denim pants, with open buttons and flowing hair, exuding confidence and allure as she posed for the camera.

Despite facing setbacks with recent big-budget flops like “Bell Bottom,” “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui,” and “Shamshera,” Vaani Kapoor remains undeterred. She has recently secured roles in upcoming films like “Khel Khel Mein” and “Raid 2,” indicating her resilience and determination to carve a niche for herself in the industry.

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