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V K Sasikala’s Sensational Announcement: I Am Quitting Politics

Sasikala, aide of the late former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa made a sensational statement today and announced that she is quitting politics. Details as below.

Sasikala has been with Jayalalitha until her death. She got imprisonment because of the scams she was involved in along with Jayalalitha. There were lot of unanswered questions about the mysterious death of Jayalalith and one section of people suspected her role in the events leading to and aftermath of the death of AMMA. As she served improvement in criminal case for more than 2 years, as per the rules she is not allowed to participate in elections for next 6 years. So everyone was waiting to see whom she will support in the next elections. But in an unexpected and quick development she announced quitting politics.

While announcing her quitting from politics and public life, she called on the Anna DMK activists to fight unitedly and defeat the DMK party, the arch rival of AIADMK. She released a statement in which she said. ‘I was never in power. Neither when Jayalalithaa was alive nor after her death. I’m leaving politics. But I am praying for her party to win and the legacy to continue. All AIADMK supporters must work together to defeat our main opposition DMK. I want the party cadre to work to carry forward Jayalalithaa’s legacy. ”

It is very surprising to see her leaving the politics at the crucial moment, given the fact that she fought for party symbol as well as position in the party earlier. We need to wait and see whether she is bidding adieu forever or will comeback to takeover the party in future.


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