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UV Creations Responds On BanUVCreations Sharply

These fans of big movies stars are so egoistic that if an update from other heroes' films come out, then they want their hero to give an update as well. Despite the fact that Covid-19 outbreak led to stalling of film shoots and film release across the globe, Telugu fans are lucky that the likes of #RRR are entertaining them with few updates.

Amidst this, now Allu Arjun also joined the chorus, announcing that an update about his next film will come out on April 8th. This has led to the hashtag trend #BanUVCreations because Prabhas fans are upset that there is no single update about #Prabhas20, which is being directed by Radhakrishna and features Pooja Hegde as the main lead. But it looks like the makers of Prabhas' next, has no time to yield to such threats.  

"We are amidst a global pandemic and many lives are at stake due to the current situation. Owing to the current situation, we have paused all our activities. After all this is over, we promise to come up with many more updates. We urge everyone to stay home & stay safe! #Prabhas20", tweeted UV Creations, as their response.

Frankly speaking, fans should not pressurise movie heroes and production houses to release updates in these crisis times. When everyone is locked down at homes, who is going to come to offices to edit, mix sound, finalise colour grade and release the videos? Releasing a film's First Look poster or motion poster is not as easy as putting up a tweet on Twitter from faceless accounts.




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