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Uttam Wrong Post In Social Media Going Viral

Telangana Congress Party President Uttam Kumar Reddy ousted a group of social media professionals assigned to maintain the party website and posts on social media, particularly Facebook and WhatsApp.

On the occasion of Babu Jagjeevan Ram's birth anniversary, the social media team mistakenly posted Jana Sangh Founder Shyam Prasad Mukherjee's photograph on Uttam's official Facebook account. The wrong post went viral on social media and also received strong negative reactions from political quarters and common people. This is said to have angered Uttam and take the decision to oust them. 

The TPCC President was visiting America when the professionals made the blunder. Soon after his arrival to Hyderabad, Uttam held a meeting with the Congress social media team and removed the entire group. He immediately hired another group of professionals to maintain the party's as well as his own websites and Facebook accounts.




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