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USA Sex Racket Case Sheet Leaked In Social Media

Apparently the news of Telugu and some south heroines taking up sex work in the USA has shaken the very base of NRIs and also Tollywood as the case investigation revealed some dark secrets. Names of many big NRIs are being heard in this connection while Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala are behind the bars already.

We hear that recently American investigators and their Indian counterparts have tried to found out how the name of a dusky Tamil heroine and a married Telugu anchor are doing rounds in connection with this case. They found that this happened due to the scanned copy of the Case Sheet lodged in Chicago Court coming out into social media. 

As they have mentioned about two particular actresses landing in USA on October 7th, 2017 and this particular dusky siren being there at that time, many linked her name with the prostitution ring. While that logic is good, how come the copy of a 'sealed' Case Sheet in the court is out on social media?? 

That's what worried USA investigation officials and they have now slammed a new case to check into the leakage of this document. It's being rumoured in NRI circles that few Telugu biggies residing in USA want to defame some persons and these heroines, and hence they got a copy of the case sheet in illegal ways before releasing it on WhatsApp and other media. 




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