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US President Donald Trump Blames India, China And Russia For Not Taking Care Of Their ‘Filthy Air’

Washington: US President Donald Trump accused India, China and Russia on Thursday of failing to take care of their "filthy air" as he justified the withdrawal of America from the historic Paris climate agreement. “Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia. Look at India. The air is filthy," Trump told his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in Nashville, Tennessee during the final presidential debate. In response to a query on climate change, he said, "I walked out of the Paris Accord as we had to pull out trillions of dollars and we were treated really unfairly."  Donald Trump has consistently criticized countries such as India and China for not doing enough to cope with climate change, describing them as breathing-impossible regions with air.

Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement in 2017, arguing that the international agreement to hold global temperatures rising below 2 degrees Celsius was disadvantageous for US workers. He has repeatedly argued that the Paris agreement helps countries such as China and India the most. Last week, speaking to his cheering supporters at an election rally in North Carolina's primary Battleground State, Trump blamed countries such as China, Russia and India for contributing to global air pollution. “We have the best environmental numbers, ozone numbers, and so many other numbers. In the meantime, China, Russia, India all these countries they're spewing stuff into the air ,” he asserted during the rally. The world's largest emitter of carbon is China, followed by the US, India and the EU.


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