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US Mulls Increasing Merit-Based Immigration To 57 Per Cent

Time and again the United States President Donald Trump is imposing restrictions on immigration on one hand and on other his administration is looking to increase the quota. According to the latest updates, US is considering to increase merit-based legal immigration to 57 percent and in that half of it could be based on family and humanitarian system.

But there is a catch here. Inviting talented and meritorious people from across the world to the USA would create tax revenue worth over $500 billion in over 10 years. This is also acknowledged by senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner, who also happens to be the son-in-law of US President Trump.

Kushner is said to be leading the new immigration reform and is in final stages of drafting. Trump administration opines that the current immigration system is outdated and the US President knows that there is a requirement of talented people in the country.

This new immigration system might partially be beneficial for Indian techies.




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