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Us Denies Visas To Tollywood Actresses Because Of Prostitution Case

The sensational prostitution scandal and the subsequent arrests of the Modugumudi couple in Chicago has turned out to be a huge nuisance to other innocent Tollywood heroines and Telugu associations in the US. The US authorities have denied visas to all the actresses who were to attend an event organized by a Telugu association next month.

Usually, the US immigration authorities grant temporary visas to all the stars who submit an invitation letter from any of the Telugu associations in the US. Apparently, the authorities questioned the organizers after all why do they invite film stars, actresses in particular, to their events in the US.

The event organizers have reportedly told the US authorities that they have been inviting actresses to "add more attraction" to their events. Not convinced with their answers, the authorities are showing no mercy in granting visas. 

Members of some of the prestigious Telugu associations in the US are seething in anger on the Modugumudi couple for unnecessarily mentioning the organizations' names during the interrogation. These associations are now clueless about inviting film stars to their future events.




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