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US- A Good Jump In H1-B Visa Approvals

In last couple of years, there was a significant decline when it comes to the number of H1B approvals by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). But, despite the stricter regulations, the US has approved more number of H1-B visas approved for fiscal 2019 when compared with previous financial year. It definitely generates a sense of new hope and positivity among Indian born Techies who likes to pursue their career in America.

Reversing a fall in the previous year, where only 3.35 lakh H1-B visas were approved for Indians, the USCIS gave around 3.89 lakh work visas (includes both fresh visas and extensions) to the Indians for the year the 12-month period that ended on September 30.

There had been a fall in H1-B approvals since 2015, the year in which US has approved only 2.88 lakh H1-B visas, and was blamed on strict visa regulations brought in place by President Donald Trump. The 2018 and 2019 statistics indicate that a large percentage of people born in India were given work visas and according to experts, the local hiring could have taken a minor hit.




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