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Upside Down Trend Of Bikni Going Viral

What is fashion? The stylists and fashionista’s call fashion a comfort. Well, many times it seemed they did not actually mean it. How are high heels comfortable? Thongs don’t look any cozy either! Well, it depends on the person’s perspective. But this trending fashion on Instagram is driving people crazy for its weirdness. Upside down bikini trend is on fire on the Instagram with even a dedicated page for it. People are sharing their pictures flaunting the bikini’s upside down and a woman has also posted a tutorial on how to get this unflattering style done. Instead of showing the slit from the top, the upside down bikini shows you the full front view of breasts peeping out half-way. While this still trending on the social media, many found it unflattering throwing trolls over the people whose shared this look. “Disgusting”, “Nasty” were a couple of words used. We thought there is nothing hotter than a bikini and they thought upside-down will do better. What do you think?





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