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Tv Host Commits Suicide

In Krishna district's Kankipadu mandal, a former TV host named Tejaswini recently killed herself by hanging to the ceiling at her house.  The incident has come to light days after it occurred.

Going into the details, Tejaswini had been married to one Pawan Kumar for five years.  It was an inter-caste marriage and their respective elders hadn't agreed to their union.  The angry elders distanced themselves from the young couple for years.  But when Tejaswini gave birth to a baby 1.5 years ago, Pawan's mother made peace with the couple and decided to look after the child. 

For whatever reasons, there developed serious differences between Tejaswini and her hubby.  When he was out of the town to attend a work-related camp, the former host took the extreme step of committing suicide.

The police are currently treating it as a death under suspicious circumstances.  They are carrying out an investigation.  




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