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Trump Calling Modi As Father Of India

The United States of America President Donald Trump has made a sensational statement calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as 'Father of India.' Speaking to the media before the bilateral talk, Trump said, "I remember India before which had a lot of dissension, lot of fighting. But Modi brought it all together. Like a father of a house,  may be he is the father of India. We would call him the father of India."

Then Trump went on to compare Modi with American singer and actor Elvis Presley. "The Howdy Modi showed how much people of his country like him. I have great respect, admiration and I really like him. He is a great gentleman and a great leader," added Trump further.

After the bilateral talks, external affairs secretary informed the media, the Trump and Modi's meeting lasted for 40 minutes and terrorism is the prime agenda of their discussion.

Trump reiterated that he is ready to mediate the Jammu & Kashmir issue but at the same time he clarified that he would intervene only if both India and Pakistan agree. "Modi is there to take care to deal with terrorism and he has already sent a strong message to Pakistan and I think Pak PM Imran Khan is listening to it," said Trump in the meeting.

After revoking the Article 370, the BJP government has set its eyes on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). If at all the Modi government plans to attack PoK, it requires the international community support especially that of the United States. So far Modi and Trump met thrice this year and their bonhomie kept growing. Also in the presence of Trump, Modi at 'Howdy Modi' indirectly targeted Pakistan and its sponsored terror groups.

All in all Modi's USA tour is going as per the plan and is highly successful.




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