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TRS MP Kavitha Fire On D Srinivas

TRS has come to forefront now. Nizamabad MP Kavitha has gone to the extent of seeking expulsion of D Srinivas from the party. Under her leadership, District-level TRS Leaders has revolted against the senior leader. They complained to the Nizamabad District Party President Tula Uma about the anti-party activities of DS and demanded her to write a letter to CM KCR seeking disciplinary action.

Though KCR is her father, Kavitha didn't give any scope for criticism by maintaining protocol. She, however, didn't refrain from launching a staggering attack – 'People of Nizamabad favoured TRS in 2014 Polls. Victory in 9 Assembly Constituencies helped the party formed the government. This is why KCR treated Nizamabad District specially. D Srinivas was welcomed when he expressed his wish to join TRS respecting his seniority. He was appointed as Advisor for Inter-State Issues, offered Cabinet Rank and Rajya Sabha Seat. Recently, Son of D Srinivas joined BJP. There is a change in the attitude of DS since then. He kept pressurizing party leaders to work in favour of BJP. I had to come out as the party activists are suffering because of one Leader. If this issue gets resolved, TRS will clean sweep in Nizamabad during next elections'.

D Srinivas, on the other hand, claims to be having no clue why Nizamabad District Leaders took such a decision against him. 'They are free to complain to the CM. It's just a complaint, they didn't threaten to slit my throat. In my political career, I am always loyal to the party,' he clarified.  

What's the reason behind rift between D Srinivas and Kavitha? D Srinivas contemplated on shifting party as he wasn't given good prominence in TRS. While one of his sons joined BJP, The other one remained in TRS. DS has been lobbying for a respectable post for his son. There is buzz that Kavitha commented in a recent meeting that DS joined TRS as he doesn't have any other option. This comment hurt D Srinivas and created a rift between them. When Kavitha sought his suspension from the party, DS held talks with his Son and this development raised many eyebrows




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