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Trivikram Is Back For Political Pawan

Barring Pawan Kalyan's launch speech at the party's inauguration meet in March 2014 at HICC, none of his speech lacked depth, vigour. Over the period, Pawan's political comments turned redundant, lackluster and only his high pitch, drama took the centre stage. Pawan's political comments and views have a clear inconsistency which even many of his hard-core fans failed to relate to.

While Trivikram has been away from Pawan and his political outfit Janasena, the lack of response to Janasena seems to have forced Pawan to seek his friend Trivikram's help once again.

Pawan's fresh tweets quoting Gunturu Seshendra Sharma Kavi have now becoming hot topic in political circuits. Given that Trivikram on several occasions stated his love for Seshendra Sharma and his books and even admitted of having great influence of Seshendra Kavi on him, now political fraternity is abuzz that Trivikram is back as 'speech writer' and mentor for PK. 

Well, Pawan might also be influenced by Seshendra Sharma, but rumour mongers are speculating that Trivikram is back to rescue 'politician' Pawan. After Agnyaathavaasi debacle, Trivikram in his interview confirmed his friendship with Pawan and how the duo is above hits and flops. So, this can be interpreted as Trivikram's 'political' reunion with Pawan?




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