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Trisha Is Back

Trisha is one of the top ten heroines in Tamil industries.Even beauty is still maintained and the preservation of the beauty by trisha In the middle race with a new heroines entry she is slightly behind. But still Trisha Dairy is busy. 

Trisha has won a Super Chance in a time when some of the opportunities in Telugu have been reduced. Klnarayana senior producer in the industry since many years. He has given a brief break and he is going to make films again. Hero Mahesh .. Director Rajamouli has also given advances by narayana. But both of them are very busy now. So now this project is less likely to be razed. I'm going to take a film heroine Trisha said klnarayana.

Sathamanambhavathi Director Satish Vageshana has done a story recently. This story is heard by the heroine Trisha. She liked the story and gave them the green signal . Satish Vageshana is currently working on Dil Raju Production with Srinivasa Kalyanam as Nithin hero. When the movie is complete, Trisha will start shooting the film.




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