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Tram Way From JNTU To Hitech City

The highly needed Metro train way from JNTU to Hitech city in Hyderabad is not happening, but instead of the Metro train, the government is planning towards bringing the Tramway for the same. KTR today answered some of the questions by the MLAs in Assembly sessions about the mentioned Tram Way.

KTR said that around 10 thousand crores have been allotted to develop Hyderabad as a global city and most of it is being spent towards the improvement of public transportation.

KTR also said that a Metro corridor of 5 Km stretch from MG Bus station to Falaknuma is soon to be started. As there is a large number of religious constructions and some disputed constructions along that way that obstructs 18 structures of the metro corridor, KTR wants to speak to the local leaders about finding a solution in that issue.

KTR said there are around 4 lakh people traveling in Metros every day and he suggested L&T officials issue monthly passes. Also, he promised to entends the timings of Metro train run, although they are running up to 11 pm now. KTR says the Shamshabad Metro corridor is under the DPR's verification and there will be a decision soon on this. 




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