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Trains Cancelled Till The End Of March

Amid rising number of virus cases, the Government of India has cancelled all passenger trains till the end of March. Total number of cases in the country touched 349. Six deaths are reported.

People across all sections of society gave a total response to the ‘Janata Curfew’ call given by PM Modi. The highways, road’s and streets in towns and cities wore deserted look across the length and breadth of the country. Modi called for keeping up the collective spirit to make corona prevention struggle a big success.

The Modi government is stepping up preventive measures slowly. At first, PM called for social distancing and self isolation of people by working from home. In the past week days, students and people living at different places reached their homes as colleges are closed and travels are cancelled. Now, the Centre announced total cancellation of trains. Extreme measures are being taken to prevent community transmissions as the number of foreign returnees is increasing in all parts of the country in last two to three days. States are also cancelling most bus services.




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