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Top Hero Caught To Police In Pub

He is a well-known hero from an influential family in the industry. However, he has no hits in the recent times. That haven't stopped his tantrums at public places it seems. Recently, the hero had went into a posh pub in Jubilee Hills Road No. 45 in the late night. As the time has already crossed 11.45 pm, the pub organizers had reportedly decreased the volume of the DJ.

This hadn't gone down well with the hero who reportedly indulged in to clash with the staff. The hero also said to have damaged the speakers of the DJ and resorted to physical violence. Shocked with this sudden act, the pub staff have immediately informed the local cops. When the cops came, the hero reportedly tried to change his stand. He claimed to cops that he was going to do Facebook Live and had hence requested them to reduce the volume but the staff didn't budge.

Shocked to hear the contrary version from the hero, the staff said to have provided the CCTV footage to the police that revealed the true story. However, the pub management somehow didn't dare to register any case against its high-profile client.

Since no body registered a complaint, cops also just recorded the incident in their General Diary (GD) and left. The hero's influential family background and his connection with top politicians apparently made the pub owners to rethink on registering a complaint and finally said to have compromised. Many in police circuits are finding fault with the hero and opining him not to repeat such acts.

The hero is not new to such controversies. In the past, he was involved in similar brawls as well.




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