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Top Comedian Misbehaves With Married Woman In USA

He happens to be one top comedian who sounds quite knowledgeable and wisdom-laced on the outside, but a 'naughty' guy on the inside. And then, he is known for this vulgar side as well which he exhibits at shooting spots.

Recently this comedian is said to have taken that vulgarity to the USA as well as he attended a Telugu Association event there. When invited by another event organizer, this comedian skipped his prime event at a top most city in the USA and made his presence felt at the other place. 

What happened after a bit of boozing is that this comedian started misbehaving with a lady at the party. While that married lady is a bit of modern looking, our actor thought that she's an easy prey as he started to handle her with an intention to spend some personal time. As she complained the same to her family, it led to a huge fight and the family members wanted to get him booked with police. 

If US police pick him up for obscene behaviour he will end up spending quality time in jail and later gets deported with permanent visa cancellation. Sensing all this, the Telugu Association folks stepped into the scene and pleaded with the family to not take action, says onlookers. 




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