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Tollywood Producers ‘ Stepping Down ‘ Towards OTT ?

As there is a rapid spread of coronavirus all over the nation, The Government of India declared Complete lockdown for the whole country. And this lockdown seems like it will be extending till June month as the number of corona positive cases are increasing. 

Accordingly, the shutdown of all the cinema halls is a very big loss to the entertainment industry. Even all the shootings are also on hold in this pandemic movement but the films which are ready for release are in a deep trouble or confusion now. As because this corona effect in the country might last for the whole year that means for about 6 to 8 months or even more. So this year 2020 is a very bad year for the tollywood film industry and even for many other industries as well. 

Thereby, many producers are in confusion that they should go a head with OTT release or wait for a long one year almost to get a theatrical release for their films and the producers who brought finance to make their films can hold their film for one year to get a theatrical release by paying interests for their finance is a kind of huge risk factor to handle with. So, now many producers even distributors and also financiers are in a lot of confusion like what to do next, Actually to be frank many of them are hoping for something magical to happen so that the situations get resolved because it seems like none of the producers are interested to go for a OTT release and everybody is keen to have a theatrical release only, But how long they can hold their films and stand is something to look out.


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