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Tollywood Celebrities Support A Noble Initiative

Tollywood celebrities are always at the forefront of supporting various social activities and noble causes to improve the well being of people in general. While they have actively supported blood and organ donation in the past, a recent noble initiated to address the health issues of children brought together several top names from the industry.

Supporting a recent initiative, My Child Health, launched by Choice Foundation, SS Rajamouli said, “Preventive comprehensive health screening of children is neglected but it is a crucial aspect of a health’s child. If some of the issues aren’t addressed at a young age, they might lead to more complications in future. I whole heartedly appreciate and support Dr Satish Ghanta for this initiative.”

Apart from Rajamouli, the initiative has also been supported by Anushka, Nani, and Lakshmi Manchu, who all stressed on the importance of comprehensive health screening of children




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