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Time To Prove The Mettle For These Two

Few films will be carrying huge baggage on their shoulders when the key cast and crew involved in it need a hit desperately. Right now two films are carrying such pressure on them.

One happens to be "Tej I Love You" and the film needs to deliver a hit for Sai Dharam Tej at any cost. He's scoring only flops in the recent times and another flop will dent his market a big way. At the same time, director Karunakaran is also in need of a super hit at the moment as his mark of love stories haven't worked out in the recent times. Same is the case with heroine Anupama Parameswaran who has a slew of releases but not seeing success at the box office. 

Another film is "Pantham" which should put hero Gopichand's career back on track. From a time, this talented hero is scoring only flops and something better should revive his career. And then, heroine Mehrene Pirzada is signing films in a row, but surprisingly none of them are working out. With Pantham directed by a newcomer, the new director also needs a break. 

Simply put, both these films should prove their mettle now. Both Pantham and Tej I Love You are releasing in a day gap on July 5th and 6th respectively.




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