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They Forced Priyanka To Drink Alcohol While Raping Her

The constant updates on the brutalities in Dr Priyanka Reddy's case is leaving ou teary-eyed and heart-wrenched. The reports say that Priyanka begged and pleaded rapists as they without listening to her, carried out barbaric, villainous and heinous act.

Two of the four accused also forced Priyanka to drink alcohol while raping her. All four of them raped her inhumanly as they simultaneously merry made assaulting her. It is even impossible to imagine what the 26-year-old veterinarian must have gone through. Forceful alcohol intake, gruesome rape, physical and mental pain, fear, stomach-churning and irreparable trauma. It is even hard to describe her situation then.

Inquiries revealed that the four rapists have bought one full bottle and another half bottle of whiskey, a litre of soft drink and snacks from a wine shop in Tondupally village, close to the toll plaza before attacking her. They tried to mix soft drink with alcohol and shove it into Priyanka's mouth, in order to make her semi-unconscious.

After forcing her to consume the drink, they have reportedly brutally raped her for nearly 45 minutes.at the open plot. Due to the force, they applied while closing her mouth and nose, the victim died instantly and her body was dragged into the lorry cabin, even without her pants on. Later, one of them went down, brought the pants and put it on the body, reports said.

In the morning, the cops have found Priyankas's inner garments, purse, watch and slippers from the crime area. The intricate details of the case revealed are wanting our inside to shout with anguish and hate. It is truly disturbing and we only wish the perpetrators die in a painful death.




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