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The Sweeter For Producer Swapna Dutt In Mahanati

Mahanati has been universally acclaimed as a classic and the film continues to do well at the box-office. But the success of the film is all the sweeter for producer Swapna Dutt.

After completing her education, Swapna forayed into the world of entertainment and started off with highly successful television shows on satellite television.

Then came a turning point in her life in the form of ‘local TV’, a cable platform started by her which turned out to be a disastrous venture.

Despite her best efforts, Swapna could not salvage ‘Local TV’ and the better part of her time was spent in just trying to keep Local TV afloat.

When it finally closed down, Swapna repaid each and every creditor whereas the easier option would have been to file for bankruptcy.

Having emerged from the experience scarred but wiser, Swapna then made some films which didn’t do well either until Yevade Subrahmanyam gave her some respite.

But the more painful thing was the allegation that the Dutt girl was spoiling the good name of her father Ashwini Dutt with her plans. Today, all the critics have turned into her admirers courtesy of Mahanati.

With one stroke, Swapna has silenced all her critics and some say that Mahanati is the finest movie to have come from the Ashwini Dutt compound.

No longer will she be referred to as the daughter of Ashwini Dutt, she has now carved a niche for herself as the producer of Mahanati.

Hopefully, the turmoil and pain associated with Local TV has now been washed away in the success of Mahanati and this is just the beginning of many more successful projects from the young producer




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