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The Real ‘LOCKDOWN’ Started Now

There is widespread debate in some circles, with couple of Chief Ministers advising to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that lockdown should be lifted partially such that economy will revive. But then, analysts are pleading such folks to understand, that the real 'Lockdown' has started just now.

While it took 15 days for India to see their COVID-19 positive cases grown from 1 to 1000, in the following 15 days, the cases rose from 1000 to 10,000. That's the realtime scenario and the realistic situation, which explains what is to come. If we look into cases registered on Monday, Delhi has seen the worst rise again with 356 new cases (Total cases: 1510) reported. And Telangana has seen 61 cases reported, with most of the people being the contacts of Tablighi Jamaat returnees. States like Rajasthan that reported 92 new cases on Monday are also witnessing huge spike we must say.

Though WHO went back on its words that India has entered Stage 3, many doctors are already fearing that the more tests we do, the more cases we may find. Amidst this rise in cases, lockdown is going to severely impact the life of people as essential commodities may not reach supermarkets and grocery stores after a couple of weeks. But then, rather succumbing to coronavirus, it's better to face some difficulties in lockdown.

As we are speaking, on the other side of the globe, we have France extending the lockdown till May 11th after the country witnessed 15,000 deaths so far. The whole of the UK is under lockdown with positive cases standing at 83,279 and 11,309 dead already. The government confirmed that the lockdown will be extended until further notice as they are fearing that the worst is to come.

If we regroup all these happenings, the real Lockdown has started now and no doubt we have to more careful from now onwards. Use masks, sanitisers and hand washes, and avoid going out if not necessary. Stay home, stay safe.





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