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The More They Scold, The Hotter She Turns

Thanks to Big Boss, last year's contestant Hina Khan has shot to fame immensely that her TV shows' stint had got doubled now. She amassed fame that she failed to get in her decade old career as a soap opera star. And then, she's into dancing at events now, like any other star heroines of B-town. 

In the recent times, Hina is in the news for being super sexy all the time. More than the ravishing looks she flaunts, it's the comments of people that appear on her social media page's timeline that create all the attention. People from particular community always target her for wearing skimpy outfits. 

Earlier she was blasted for posing in a cleavage during a festival time. And then, she posted pictures that showed her in a more sexy way. And the barrage of abuses continued. Then she slipped into another hot outfit and shared that with netizens. Other day she posted pictures straight from the vacation in Goa where she slipped into two-piece and raised mercury levels, as she showcased her fit and fabulous figure. 

Some observers feel that the more these trollers are scolding Hina in the name of community and else, the hotter she's turning and the more pictures she's sharing




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