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The Gay Is Not Shourya Its Ajay

When a film starts, there will be rumours around it, owing to the story and the casting. And now, Naga Shourya's latest movie "Narthanasala" is also embroiled in such rumours. Here comes one of them.

Actually, the buzz is that hero Naga Shourya is playing the role of a gay in this film directed by a newcomer. Many wondered how come he's taking up such a role and too in his own production. But with two heroines, including Kashmira Pardesi and Yamini Bhaskar roped in, one wonders if this rumour is true. 

And a snippet is coming out that popular character actor Ajay is playing the role of a gay in this film but not hero Naga Shourya. And that it is not a fully gay kind of role, but only he acts that way. As the title indicates, Nartanasala is about people changing their identity and living a new life for a while to escape some crisis. That's what Pandavas did. So that explains the fact behind this gay character anyway. 

Currently shooting for some songs, Narthanasala is aiming a September release and Naga Shourya is hoping that his home production will score yet another hit.




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