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The First Film To Release Post Lockdown

There is a long list of films which will be waiting to hit the screens post lockdown. But as per the latest reports, Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab is going to be the first film to release post the end of the lockdown, which is up to May 3rd as of now. May 15 was slated as release for the official Telugu remake of Pink.

But now, sources reports that no films theatres or mall will be allowed to open until May 30, or even further. So the first film might release only by the end of June of July. Also, to attract the audiences back to theatres and to end lockdown blues, some magic has to happen. And filmmakers are pretty much sure the only big and bankable star, who is in the line is Pawan Kalyan. Because he is back after a break of couple of years and fans have been waiting to watch him perform on screen.

So to gear up all the confidence to release movies once again, it is time for PK to make the best out of lockdown. Only then, producers of small films will slowly release their films one after the other.

It could be V, Uppena, 30 Rojullo Premalo Padatam Ela, Arayna, Nishabdam, Red, Most eligible Bachelor, Solo Bathuke So Better etc might go to release post second half of the year. But one thing is sure. Audiences will have a bonanza since then.




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