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The Day After Disha Bill, UKG Girl Raped In AP

The day AP government passed the bill of Disha Act, a five year old was raped in Guntur district. Going into details, the five year old is staying with her mother and grandmother in Nagarapalem.

The mother is working as nurse in a hospital while her husband and son stay in other town. On Thursday, the mother went to her work and grandmother left the five year old in house to get some vegetables. Learning about this 19 year old Tadipatri Lakshma Reddy who stays in the next flat took advantage of this. He caught her tightly and took the kid to his room and raped her. Lakshma Reddy threated the five year old that if she says anything about this, he would kill her.

On the same day, the girl complained about pain in lower abdomen and when asked in details, the girl explained everything to her mother. Immediately the mother lodged a police complain and the police sent the girl to Guntur Government Hospital (GGH) for medical examination and later detained Lakshma Reddy.

However this crime came to the lime light lately nevertheless the woman activists reached GGH in large number and staged a protest demanding justice to the five year. They questioned the government what sort of action it will take. "Will the government encounter Lakshmi Reddy or take up the legal route?" asked an activist.

The police who are probing the incident added that they have collected the certificates of Lakshma Reddy and he is 19 years old. Section 376, POSCO Act and SC, ST Atrocity cases were filed against him.

If the AP government seriously considers this case and if justice is met to the five years in 21 days, then there is no doubt that AP Disha Act is worth it.




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