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Tharun Bhaskar Inspired From Hangover

If there is one hit film, then surely Tollywood will be quick enough to repeat a storyline. And sometimes, no matter how many times we copied blockbuster stories from Hollywood, those films failed. 

There is this comedy film called "Hangover" that released in 2009, which became a phenomenal blockbuster at the box office. Made with 150+ crore rupees budget, the film collected 2300+ crores (in rupees) 'gross' from the world box office. And since then, the story is being copied by many Indian filmmakers.

While Bollywood made Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara with that inspiration, Tollywood has come with movies like Vennela 1.5, Action 3D (Allari Naresh's film) and others. Guess what, none of them has succeeded at the box office, owing to the fact that we never recreated the soul of "Hangover" properly. 

Right now, Tarun Bhaskar is coming up with "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi" and he candidly admits that there is "Hangover" inspiration on his film. In case if this film succeeds, then we have to say that he will be changing the fate of Hangover story in Indian films. 

Hangover is a comic caper about few friends going to some other place on a vacation, for any reason it may be, and ending up in funny troubles before solving them with their wit and wisdom. 




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