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Tharun Bhaskar Bowled For V V S Lakshman

Talented director Tharun Bhascker is over the moon that his recent entertainer Ee Nagaraniki Emainidi is casting a magic spell connecting chords with the genex youngsters. Speaking to scribes he shared interesting secrets in his life much to the delight of the movie lovers.

Tharun Bhascker said he troubled star cricketer VVS Lakshman with his bowling. Recollecting the sweet memories, he said, 'I used to play cricket in my childhood. I was selected for under 14 state team. However I was the 13th player and my job was to give bats and water to the players. 

I quit as I felt that they were not allowing me to play despite intense practice. We were tenants in the house of star cricketer VVS Lakshman. I used to bowl to VVS in the nets. Though I bowled very badly, poor Lakshman batted without complaining."





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