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Temporary Relaxation To H1B Spouses

In what can be called as a temporary relaxation to the spouses of H1-B visa holders, the Donald Trump-administration has failed to issue a formal notification for terminating their work permit by end of June.

Following a legal petition filed by 'Save Jobs USA', the district court of Columbia ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue a new notification on Obama-administration's decision to provide work authorization for H-4 visa holders, spouses of H1B holders. The DHS, in March, notified the court that it'd issue a notice of proposed rule making by June this year but failed to release it.

Had the notification been formally issued, the spouses of H1B visa holders would have lost the authorization to work in US. An official of DHS said said that there's no update to offer at this time.

Meanwhile, a couple of research scholars said in a study paper -'the unpredictability of such impending changes would cause financial distress & physiological burden on families and particularly spouses of H1-B visa holders'. Also, there's a demand that IT firms and businesses should have to come with an action plan to offer support for these spouses.




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