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Telugu Bigg Boss Girl And Gandi Baat Girl In Commitment

Tejaswi Madiwada of Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 fame and Erotic-web series actress Anveshi Jain joined hands for a Commitment. Not any commitment like it usually sounds like, but it is the title of a movie directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna, of Hyderabad Nawabs' fame.

'Commitment' deals with the infamous casting couch concept and with #Metoo campaign and revelations on a high note, this Commitment is expected to become a sensation very soon.

With Anveshi Jain being very famous for her extreme hot show in Gandi Baat with her voluptuous figure, and also Tejaswi proving how hot she can be with her Instagram pictures, Commitment is hinting a lot of steamy scenes already.

The first look poster showing a couple under the bed wraps and the title with a condom on it have given all the hot hints. Along with Tejaswi and Anveshi Jain, there are other actors like Amikumar Tiwari, Abhi Reddy, Surya Sreenivas, Ramya Pasupuleti, Tanishq Rajan and Simar Singh in Commitment. Let us see how Lakshmikanth shaped it up with shapely beauties Anveshi Jain and Tejaswi.




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