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Telangana Munici Polls- TRS Party Is Leading While BJP And Congress Are Fighting

The counting for the Telangana municipal elections were underway this morning and as per the trends, the ruling TRS party is leading while BJP and Congress are fighting for the second spot.

So far out of the 120 municipalities, TRS has a clear edge in 44 places while the oppositions are yet to open their account. In Peddapalli district, the CAR party won the municipality of the main town but in the Karimnagar district, the BJP is giving a tough fight for the ruling party. The votes show that BJP has improved its percentage which is not surprising at all.

The city outskirts municipalities like Bollaram, Meerpet and Jawaharnagar were also bagged by the TRS. However at few place, TRS rebels have shocked the ruling party.

Dharmapuri, Bansuwada, Kothapalli, Maripeda, Dornakal, Kagaznagar, Bingal, Parakala, Sathupalli municipalities also went into TRS party's account.




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