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Telangana And Ap Ministers Congratulates Each Other On Twitter

The IT Minister of Telangana, KTR, on Tuesday, congratulated Andhra Pradesh and its chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu on topping the latest 'Ease of Doing Business' (EoDB) charts released by Government of India. In a tweet highlighting how closely Telangana missed the top spot, KTR said 'We missed the 1st spot in EODB rankings 2018 by a whisker; 0.09%' and attributed the achievement of the second rank to the inspirational leadership of CM KCR and strong bureaucracy – 'Nevertheless, inspirational leadership from @TelanganaCMO Garu & good work by our bureaucracy has resulted in a good rank this year too'.

In the same tweet, he said 'Congratulations to Andhra Pradesh led by @ncbn Garu on topping the list' to which KTR's counterpart in Andhra Pradesh, Nara Lokesh replied. In response to good wishes from KTR, Lokesh congratulated back saying, 'Congratulations to you too. There's no "One and Two". There's only "Telugu states at the top". All for the good of Telugu people.'

This interesting, and small, Twitter conversation between the two young leaders was remarkable even if it's just about 'congratulating each other'. As per the charts, AP took away first place with a final score of 98.42% while Telangana took the second position with a score of 98.33%. 

The Department of Industry Policy and Promotion (DIPP) gives away these rankings by taking into consideration 372-point business reform action plans and their implementation in each state. A feedback survey from industries in each state would also contribute to the final rankings.




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