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Teju Seeking Help From Chiru

Though many people say that 'Failures are stepping stones to success'.. it is very tough to handle failure.  When there are continuous failures one may lose his confidence completely.  But mega hero Sai Dharam Tej didn't lose the confidence despite consecutive failures.  As his career is going through a lean phase, he is trying to set right with the help of his uncle and Megastar Chiranjeevi. 

Teju is not only facing continuous flops but the opening collections of his films have fallen drastically.  This is a worrying a factor.  If the same trend continues for one or two films, his career will be severely impacted and it is doubtful whether producers will approach him for hero roles in the future.  So, Teju doesn't want to take any chances with his upcoming films.  As Teju is at a crucial juncture of his career, he approached Chiru for the guidance. Chiru has strong judgement skills over the story and his judgement goes wrong rarely.  So, Teju is planning to go ahead with his projects only after getting a green signal from Chiru. 

Teju is presently working on 'Chitralahari' in the direction of Kishore Tirumala.  Teju has reportedly sent the 'Chitralahari' script to his uncle and asked him to suggest changes if there are any. Considering the present situation of his nephew, Chiru will surely come to the rescue.  It is interesting to see how many changes he will suggest to the Kishore Tirumala script. 





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