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Teja Movie With Bellamkonda Srinivas

Senior Director Teja has never gone through this kind of situations in his long career.  Coming out of a prestigious project like NTR biopic has literally shocked everybody.   On the other hand, he has planned another film 'Aata Naade Veta Naade' but it also got shelved.  Though he wanted to revive Venky project, Venky committed to two other projects and he couldn't accommodate his dates. 

Teja also tried to make a film with Rana but he is also busy with several commitments and it takes some time to complete the ongoing project for Rana.  So, Teja looked for the alternatives.  The latest buzz reveals that Teja has reportedly committed a film with young hero Bellamkonda Srinivas.  The movie will go to the sets by the end of this year.  Kajal is approached for the heroine role as per the reports. 

Meanwhile, Bellamkonda Srinivas is presently working on 'Sakshyam' in the direction of Sriwass.  He is also working on another untitled project which is directed by a debutante director




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