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Tej I Love You Premieres Review From US

Final Report: Tej I Love You is another miss from Sai Dharam Tej. Soulless love track and very routine comedy fails to impress. Visit back for our frank and detailed review shortly. – Tej gets his love accepted finally. The movie comes to an end. Final report shortly. – Tej is back to his family now after years of separation. Nandini too finally falls in love with Tej. – Tej and his friends trying to bring the lost memories back for Nandini (Anupama). – Second half started. Nandini (Anupama Parameswaran) loses the memory for the past three months due to an accident. She forgets everything about Tej and his love. First Half Report: Tej I Love You first half is filled with some silly and routine dated comedy. The love and family tracks lack the emotional connect. Stay tuned for the final report. – A small twist is revealed. Nandini runs into a small accident. It’s time for the interval. – Tej and Anupama Parameswaran’s love tease scenes going on. Tej and his friends runs a music troop. – Story shifts to current. Tej forced to leave his Pedananna’s home when he spoils an arranged marriage of his cousin sister happening in the family. – Tej I Love You show started. Tej lost his parents at very young age raised by his Pedananna (Jayaprakash) and his big family. Boy Tej kills someone to save a lady from being raped. The boy gets seven years prison.

After ‘Supreme’, five back-to-back failures made Sai Dharam Tej to stand on the crossroads and rethink about his career and the choice of his scripts. ‘Tej I Love You‘ is coming at this juncture of his career when he needs to deliver a hit movie to be in the race not with others, at least, with the other mega heroes. It’s a crucial film not only for him but also for his director Karunakaran who is still banking on his first film ‘Tholi Prema’ starring Pawan Kalyan. Though he did a few successful films like ‘Darling’ and ‘Ullasamga Utsahamga’, he couldn’t recreate the magic he created with Pawan Kalyan’s movie. There is heavy competition for ‘Tej I Love You’ from Gopi Chand’s ‘Pantham’, Karthi’s ‘Chinna Babu’ and Bellamkonda Srinivas’ ‘Saakshyam’. To be frank, all the heroes of the above-said movies are in need of a hit to be among the bankable heroes of the industry. Will ‘Tej I Love You’ be that movie which would bring back Sai Dharam Tej’s fortunes that he had actually treasured in the initial stages of his career with three hit movies in a row? His last release ‘Inttelligent’ was the most disastrous film of his career and there is a tremendous need to deliver a successful movie, this time. Going by the promo content, the movie may cater to the tastes of the young audiences, particularly the college-going youth only if the predictable love story is said in an attracting manner. Let’s see if the movie turns out to be a game changer for both the hero and the director. To know the outcome, stay tuned for ‘Tej I Love You’ review from our team that comes up with an unbiased review.





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