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Tdp Trying To Tarnish The Image Of Pawan

In the past three months, Few TDP Leaders used to appeal Pawan Kalyan to reconsider his decision to end ties with the Ruling Party. There mayn't be any such applications from TDP in the near future. Why because, TDP Leadership lost hopes after Powerstar intensified the attack on State Government during his ongoing Porata Yatra in Uttar Andhra.

This is a direction given by TDP Leadership to its Leaders: 'Pawan Kalyan is our arch-rival. We needn't maintain restraint whenever he criticizes us. Offer him strong retorts'.  

Actually, TDP Leadership kept trying to tarnish the image of Pawan Kalyan since the day he ended alliance. When he accused Nara Lokesh of indulging in corrupt practices, An attempt was made to project as if Jana Sena Chief had a secret pact with BJP. Later, Pro-TDP Media conducted countless debates with Kathi Mahesh and Sri Reddy to tarnish his image. When Pawan exploded like a bomb after Sri Reddy used the cuss word, All these Media Houses stopped such debates all of a sudden. Why should they do that if the allegations made by PK are false? These News Channel offered only minimal coverage to the Porata Yatra for reasons best known to them.

Pawan Kalyan has already given a clear indication that his target is to defeat TDP in the next elections. This is why, TDP has been preparing all the weapons to reduce his impact as much as possible.




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