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TDP Stalled Civic Polls In Srikakulam

 Is defeat staring at its face unnerving the Opposition TDP in Andhra Pradesh? Is it because of this reason that it has tried every trick in the trade to stall the local body elections?

As a result of the TDP machinations, the Courts have stalled the elections of Srikakulam municipal corporation and the municipalities of Rajam and Aamadala Valasa. The TDP has successfully stalled the elections to the Srikakulam Corporations by questioning the merger of seven panchayats into the corporation. Due to such activities, there have been no elections to Srikakulam urban civic body since 2010. Thus the people of the municipality have gone without a civic chief for the past 19 years. In case of Rajam too, the sarpanches of Kondampet, Ponugutivalas and Kothavalasa gram panchayats, all belonging to the TDP, have filed court cases claiming that they still have one year tenure to complete and that the merger of these panchayats into the Rajam municipality should be stopped.  Ditto with Amadalavalasa.

In all these cases, the TDP is directly involved in stalling the elections. As a result, the voters and the public in general are beginning to feel that the TDP was trying to stall the elections only because they are not sure of a victory if they contest the elections now.




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