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TDP MP To Go On Fast Unto Death For Steel Plant

TDP MP from Guntur Parliamentary constituency Galla Jayadev said he will launch fast unto death agitation in the Rayalaseema district of Kadapa if the centre did not respond positively on the establishment of steel plant.

The Young MP from accused the BJP government of misleading people on the issue of establishing a steel plant.

He found fault with the Centre for informing the supreme court that the setting up of the steel plan was financially not viable. The BJP had been making contradictory statements at the Centre and in the state regarding the plant.

The centre, citing the old 2014 SAIL report, filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court, stating that a steel plant in Kadapa is not feasible. If it is genuinely interested in setting up the plant, it should have waited for the task force report, he added




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