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TDP Finally Invented Medicine For Covid19?

Telugu Desam Party is one among the senior most political parties in India. The Party has seen all the highs and lows since few decades in their journey. Even TDP Party leaders are also well known to be sensible and many leaders are also academically highly qualified. But from past few years TDP is loosing its charm and respect in general public. That is because of the leaders in the TDP Party who are unable to take or counter the strong opposition like YSRCP. 

Currently whole country is facing a pandemic situation with the wide spread of coronavirus in India.  Even Andhra Pradesh is also strongly effected with coronavirus. 

Thereby, all public representative's are working in order to serve the people by providing the essential commodities for survival. On the same path TDP party leaders are also into action by blaming that YSRCP is serving the poor for publicity stunts. Then what TDP Leaders did now is also not right. How could they actually print the bags in the lockdown period ? As the whole nation is under comeplete lockdown. So which printing press is working in this pandemic movement is yet to be identified. Even the printing that is done on the bags is also not perfect instead it is now rightly fixed for the harsh trolling on TDP. Actually on the bag it is written that – There are medicines that are available along with essential commodities. 

Here, raises a big question that When did TDP invented medicines for Coronavirus ? whereas many experts and scientists around the world are working hard to invent the medicine for Coronavirus and unfortunately itseems that the TDP Party has done it. Finally, there is information that these kind of bags are first found in Guntur district, So Guntur TDP Leaders might have been behind this whole thing.  


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