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Tanish Trying To Showcase His Muscle Power In Bigboss

Last week it sounded like a miracle with Kaushal breaking all hell loose with his frustrated yet honest shouting and that pushed him far from elimination. Though the flares are cooled down now, it looks like Tanish wants to grab some points unnecessarily.

With Tejaswi, Ganesh, Bhanu Sree and Geetha Madhuri facing elimination along with Kireeti, they are actually trying hard to make an impression. But now, Tanish is the one who is trying to showcase his muscle power in the show by behaving like a villain. In the task they have done for the luxury budget, where the extracted juice from sugarcane and packed it in plastic bottles, this could be noticed. 

To make sure that the opponent team 'Yellow' headed by Kaushal lose, Tanish, the member of 'Green' team headed by Kireeti, has gone into the opponent zone and trashed their plastic bottles by stamping on them. In that process, he showcased much villainy one has to say. Though his Green team lost in the end, one cannot understand why Tanish is going little over the board. 

And in the meantime, the contestants in elimination zone haven't made any big efforts to impress either teammates or audiences. 




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