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Talk Of The Industry Sai Pallavi Attitude

Sometime back there was a huge buzz that heroine Sai Pallavi is showing heavy tantrums on the sets of her films. And they said that she won't even respect heroes like all other starlets do. Even a hero went on record saying that she's the most high-headed co-star to work with.

But when we see her at press meets, her humbleness and simplicity blow the mind. What is to read with this split personality of her? Insiders, however, feel that this split personality behaviour of her is only a fake news. Other day when a director met her to narrate a story, her behaviour is said to have bowled him. 

When this young director whose debut film won critical acclaim but hasn't run at the box office, has narrated her a story, she's into the story and confirmed that she will do the movie. As he asked her who she will suggest for the hero character, she said anyone will be fine for her. She even heard saying that any hero, even if he's a bit aged, she doesn't worry about, because the character is really terrific. 

Also, the heroine is said to have told the director that she will allow more dates if needed and asked him to work on other characters in the movie which needs to be strengthened. The director is on cloud nine, and mightily pleased with this attitude of Sai Pallavi. Wonder how come that spit personality talk mushroomed in the first place. 




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