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Talk- HF4 Is Highly Unbearable

Other day, Bollywood has seen a couple of interesting releases including the high budgeted Housefull 4 that is dominating in multiplexes. However, the movie's talk is not at all encouraging as the tried and tested storyline of the film doesn't make any match to the grandeur they have carved it with.

Like the trailer said it all, three couples are there Akshay-Pooja, Tushaar-Kriti Sanon and Bobby Deol- Kriti Kharbanda, who are actually in engaged to different person among themselves in their previous birth. Currently, the three boys are in London, running a barbershop and as they come to India to get married, they find out about their past. So what they did for their Magadheera and Baahubali 2 remix story is the rest of the film.

As the story is quite known, one expects terrific moments in the movie, but the film only has few one-liners and the glamour treat of heroines, but nothing else. Investing huge money to match Rajamouli film quality is easy, but investing creative stuff to bring our Rajamouli like emotions is what needed. Other than Rana's character, that comes in past and present, no other character is impressive, while Akshay Kumar shoulders the film big time.

All of Bollywood review writers settled from 1 to 2 stars for the film, though the Diwali holiday will surely help the movie clock 100 crores in the north market. And otherwise, the film is highly unbearable for south audiences at least for a single watch.




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