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T Woman Wants To Carry Gun For Safety-asks Licence

The scary increase in the number of rape cases on women in India is leaving females in extreme fear. Lust is too strong that even a short dress makes a man seduced in our society, leading to heinous crimes. The problem surely lies in mentality in such cases. The thought that a man has the right to rule over the body, mind and soul of a woman needs to end right now.

On the ongoing issue, especially after Dr Priyanka Reddy's brutal rape and murder case, a woman from Warangal wrote a letter to Commisionarte police that she wants a gun license for her personal security. As a part of self-defence, the lady asked for gun license and she also said that it is frightening to go outside in today's world of cruel minds.

Responding on the request, Warangal Police Commissioner V Ravinder assured that the team will put hundred per cent in protecting women and asked the lady to trust them.  

The letter from a woman read as – "The recent horrendous cases happening on women is scaring me to the core. As an educated and working woman, I'm left in utter shock and fear to even step outside my house. I work for a company and reach home only in the night. Moreover, the recent case in Hanmakonda, which is near to my place, has left me in panic. I travel on the same road where the incident took place. I even doubt if cops might reach on time if I ever call 100 in emergencies. Therefore, I'm requesting you to provide me with a revolver license and if you deny my request, I'm afraid I should leave my job and sit at home".

One must understand that the government is also putting efforts in making women safer by pepper prays and safety mobile apps. However, having a lightweight revolver specially made for women is an endless debate since long. The recent cases have left women to feel helpless, pathetic and fear.




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