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Surprise – Anjali breakup With Jai

Jai and Anjali who worked together in Journey movie used to be deeply in love with each other. There are proofs that the duo celebs were living together in Chennai. However, the talk about their breakup came out as a surprise for the audience.

Though Anjali and Jai haven't publicly revealed about their relationship, they have never hesitated to show their love for each other. Last year, when Jai was shooting for a movie, Anjali went to the sets to give him a surprise and celebrated his birthday. The talk about their breakup is circulating in Kollywood as the actor failed to wish Anjali on her birthday.

Anjali celebrated her birthday recently and received the wishes from so many stars. But Jai haven't wished her on social media yet which fuelled the rumors. When asked about it, she simply stated that Jai is just a good friend of her. On the occasion of her birthday, she announced Geetanjali 2 movie under the production banner of Kona Venkat




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